Our Values

 We offer a different level of service for our clients:

Taxes and Accounting for Closely Held Businesses are the main focus of our firm. We do not provide Audits or Reviews. We focus on Taxes because you focus on Taxes. For many it’s the number 1 expense and our aim is to help you pay the least amount of taxes while complying with complicated laws.

We take the accounting burden off of you and will undertake as much of the accounting services that you wish to offload. This way you can do what you do best- make money- and we can do what we do best- help you keep more of it.

For a Fair Monthly Fee, we will deliver the services that you want and need to be successful. If you need monthly financials, payroll processing, tax planning, or CFO to Go, we are there for you. Once the service level has been established, you will receive a monthly bill- never more. If you need something outside of the agreed service level, we will agree to the price before we begin.

We do not charge for phone calls, meetings, postage, photocopying or other annoying charges. Once you engage us, it’s Service, Service, Service!

Likewise, we charge a flat fee to our individual clients and unless additional work is requested, we do not charge for phone calls or other small charges.

At Arkin & Associates, we do not watch the clock; we watch out for your best interest.

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